Bulk Gasoline Services in Southern Tier NY and Northern PA

Unleaded, mid-grade and non-ethanol gas delivery for your business

Do you need on-site gasoline to fuel your commercial vehicles and equipment?

Across a range of industries, Rinker Oil & Propane Corporation has provided unleaded, mid-grade and non-ethanol gas to many local businesses in New York and Pennsylvania. In short, companies in this region run on Rinker!

We supply Valero brand gasoline to many sectors, including:

Rinker Oil & Propane provides best-in-class gas delivery

There are two ways that businesses in Southwestern New York and Northwestern Pennsylvania can get Rinker’s gas.

You can find our gasoline in any of the Valero service stations in our service area.

Additionally, we can deliver our gasoline directly to your farm, marina or other place of business. As long as your company has an approved storage tank to receive the fuel, we will make the delivery.

We offer on-site delivery of gasoline to your farm or business — up to 2,800 gallons by tank wagon and up to 10,000 gallons by transport.

There is a small fee associated with delivery, but the commercial clients who work with us agree that this charge is well worth the convenience.

Please contact us to begin commercial gasoline deliveries.

Addressing gasoline storage concerns

Unfortunately, unleaded gasoline doesn’t last forever. In a sealed tank, it has a shelf life of about six months.

This shelf life is not an issue at a gas station, because customers regularly pump gasoline, and it doesn’t sit too long. However, a large gasoline delivery might sit longer at a farm or a business. You need to be aware of how long your fuel lingers in the tank. Stale gas will not combust as well in your vehicles and equipment. Also, interior tank condensation can lead to water accumulation in your gasoline over time.

The gasoline pros at Rinker Oil & Propane can provide tips on keeping your stored gasoline stable and effective.

Rinker Oil & Propane — your local gas provider

We know that there are a lot of large conglomerates that provide unleaded, mid-grade and non-ethanol gas to businesses. Even so, numerous marinas, resellers, agricultural businesses and other commercial ventures turn to Rinker for their gasoline. They’ve done so for decades. The reason is that we show up when they need us — every time.

Unlike the big guys, we have deep roots in Northwestern Pennsylvania and New York’s Southern Tier. We understand the values, worries and objectives of the businesses we serve. Just as important, we know the weather and the terrain!

You see, our clients are our neighbors, and we treat you that way.

Need an emergency gas delivery? We’ll accommodate it.

Did something come up, and you have to move your delivery time? We can do that too.

And when you call Rinker, you won’t get an automated message or someone on the other side of the world. You’ll get a live person from our office.

You can trust Rinker Oil & Propane with your commercial gasoline needs. We have onsite storage and excellent relationships with suppliers, so we will never let you run out.

For high-quality unleaded gasoline in Allegany, McKean, Cattaraugas, Steuben and surrounding counties, become a Rinker customer today!