Off-Road Diesel Delivery Service for Western New York and Northwestern Pennsylvania

Diesel Fuel for your agricultural, construction, logging, mining and rail needs

Are you operating a construction company with diesel-powered equipment? What about a commercial farm with diesel-powered tractors or other farm equipment?

For decades, Rinker Oil & Propane has reliably delivered off-road diesel fuel to farmers, loggers, mining companies, construction companies and other businesses throughout Northwestern Pennsylvania and the Southern Tier of New York.

The low-sulfur diesel that Rinker delivers is premium quality and fully complies with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidelines.

Forget the service station — let Rinker deliver your off-road diesel

For off-road vehicles, equipment and generators, Rinker can save you time and money by delivering diesel to your business or work site. We have extensive experience getting off-road fuel to farmers, construction sites, mines, manufacturers, rail depots and owners of diesel-powered generators.

We offer delivery of off-road diesel to your farm or business — up to 2,800 gallons by tank wagon and up to 10,000 gallons by transport.

You can avoid unnecessary taxes and surcharges by going with Rinker Oil & Propane for your diesel instead of a service station. Contact us today to begin delivery service!

We can answer your off-road diesel compliance questions

Is off-road diesel the same as NRLM?

Yes. Since 2007, non-road locomotive marine fuel (or NRLM) has been the standard for off-road diesel. The EPA mandated the usage of this low-sulfur fuel in tractors, construction equipment, material handling equipment, generators, pumps and other industrial and farm equipment.

Do I need special equipment to use NRLM?

No. This low-sulfur fuel can be used in all vehicles and equipment that run on off-road diesel.

Can I put off-road diesel in an on-road vehicle?

You can receive a fine for using off-road diesel in the tank of an on-road vehicle. The two fuels are easily distinguishable — off-road diesel is dyed red, and on-road diesel is not-dyed.

Rinker Oil & Propane also delivers on-road diesel and gasoline products.

Why you should go with a local fuel supplier

Rinker Oil & Propane has been in business since 1936. We know and appreciate the economy, local concerns and the weather in Southwestern New York and Northwestern Pennsylvania.

The businesses we serve are our neighbors — and we treat you like neighbors.

We are responsive in a way that national fuel corporations aren’t. We can make emergency diesel-fuel deliveries and revise delivery schedules. When you call us for service, you get a human being on the phone, not an automated message. Just as important, the person you talk to will be local.

This dedication to excellent, responsive service is vital to our company’s mission.

You can trust us to keep your farm vehicles and equipment fueled, your generators working, your construction on schedule and your business moving. No matter the supply issues our competitors face, we maintain on-site storage and excellent relationships with suppliers.

For off-road diesel delivery to your Allegany, McKean, Cattaraugas or Steuben County business, set up an appointment today.