On-Road Diesel for Southwestern New York and Northwestern Pennsylvania

Rinker Oil & Propane will keep your fleet of vehicles moving with competitively priced fuel

Do you own or manage freight, construction, transportation or municipal vehicles that require on-road diesel fuel? If so, Rinker Oil & Propane wants to be your fuel supplier in McKean, Cattaraugus, Steuben and surrounding counties.

Rinker is trusted by trucking companies, construction sites, local governments, and other businesses that use on-road diesel. They depend on our reliable delivery and competitive prices for top-quality, ultra-low-sulfur diesel fuel.

On-road diesel — delivery or at the pump!

We offer businesses in Northwestern Pennsylvania and the Southern Tier of New York two convenient ways to get the diesel fuel they need.

You can drop by one of the many Valero convenience-store locations in our service area, all of which pump Rinker’s on-road diesel fuel.

For maximum convenience for your fleet of vehicles, Rinker can also deliver on-road diesel directly to your business or work site. We offer delivery of on-road diesel to your farm or business — up to 2,800 gallons by tank wagon and up to 10,000 gallons by transport.

Get in touch with us to begin delivery of on-road diesel today!

Delivering the cleanest diesel around

Rinker Oil & Propane is proud to provide ultra-low-sulfur diesel (ULSD) in all our pumps and delivery trucks.

ULSD is better for the planet and for your health. Significantly reducing the amount of sulfur in the fuel reduces harmful emissions that contribute to environmental harm and respiratory illnesses. The ULSD fuel that Rinker sells is compatible with all on-road diesel vehicles. It’s produced in compliance with Environmental Protection Agency regulations.

Plus, most warranties for post-2007 diesel vehicles require drivers to fill their tanks with ULSD.

So you can feel great about fueling your fleet of vehicles with on-road diesel from Rinker Oil & Propane. You’re making a responsible, eco-friendly, health-conscious choice.

Using a local fuel supplier is an excellent idea

Rinker Oil & Propane has been in business for nearly 90 years, and we’ve developed strong ties to our community. We have always done business in Southwestern New York and Northwestern Pennsylvania, so we understand this region’s concerns, industries and climate.

The businesses we serve are our neighbors — and we treat you like neighbors.

The team at Rinker is adaptable in a way that the big fuel conglomerates aren’t. We can provide emergency diesel fuel deliveries and change delivery times when needed. If you contact us for help, you will get a real person, not an automated message. And we promise that the individual you talk to will be nearby, not an ocean away.

This dedication to excellent, responsive service is vital to our company.

You can count on Rinker to keep your trucks, construction vehicles and municipal transports moving with the cleanest-burning on-road diesel around. Even if our competitors face supply issues, we’ll be well stocked. Rinker maintains on-site storage and excellent relationships with suppliers.

For on-road diesel delivery to your Allegany, McKean, Cattaraugas or Steuben County business, contact us today.