Propane Delivery for Northwestern PA and Southern Tier of NY Businesses

Commercial propane delivery services — customized for your company’s needs

Businesses throughout our region use propane to serve their customers better, power their equipment, and keep their workforces safe and comfortable. Propane is an efficient, cost-effective fuel that is environmentally friendly and incredibly safe.

Rinker Oil & Propane has served this region for nearly 90 years. We know that every commercial venture is unique, and we have the adaptability and experience to find the best fueling solution for each business.

We’re proud of the trust that clients in Northwestern Pennsylvania and Southwestern New York place in us. We repay it by consistently showing up for them, whatever the challenges.

At Rinker Oil & Propane, we tailor our commercial propane-delivery services to your business’s field and size. Whether it’s a hotel, a restaurant, a building site, a manufacturer or a reseller, we’ll craft a propane delivery plan that meets its needs.

And our job doesn’t end once you’re set up. We offer round-the-clock support. Your business will always be a priority for us.

Here are some of the resources we provide to commercial clients:

Temporary heating

When a cold snap or a brisk nor’easter descends on the region, you want your construction site to be prepared. Temperature control is vital for its integrity, as compound, plaster and paint won’t adhere well in the bitter cold. Proper heating is also crucial for the safety of your workers. Propane-powered temporary heating equipment, including space heaters, will keep your project and the crew that works on it warm and safe.


Without electricity, business grinds to a halt. And we all know how unreliable the power grid can be in this part of the country.

To guarantee uninterrupted electricity for your company, a propane generator is essential. The generators we fuel power life-saving health-care equipment in hospitals and nursing homes. They back up school buildings and safeguard server rooms. If you rely on propane-powered generators, Rinker can ensure that you never run out of fuel.

Rinker Oil & Propane is your full-service agricultural propane partner

Agriculture accounts for a lot of economic activity in this region, and Rinker Oil & Propane is the area’s most trusted partner for fueling propane-fired equipment on commercial farms.

Today’s farms rely on versatile, safe propane for a variety of essential systems, including:

These are just some of the vital uses that propane has on farms throughout the Southern Tier and Northwestern Pennsylvania. The owners and operators of these farms trust us to keep their propane tanks full, so they can focus on growing.

Commercial propane tanks and tank monitoring

At Rinker Oil & Propane, we are at the forefront of fuel storage technology. We use our extensive knowledge and experience to ensure that our commercial propane customers have the tank capacity they need to run their farms, construction sites and other businesses efficiently.

We can provide remote large-scale propane tank construction to match your business’s exact specifications. We also offer remote monitoring for commercial storage tanks, so you always know how much fuel you have on hand.

For superior commercial and agricultural propane delivery in Southwestern New York and Northwestern Pennsylvania, contact us about becoming a customer.