Heating Oil Delivery in Southwestern NY and Northwestern PA

Rinker Oil & Propane provides reliable, professional fuel delivery throughout the region!

From Cattaraugus County to McKean County — and the surrounding communities — countless families trust Rinker Oil & Propane to keep their heating oil tanks filled and their oil-fired systems humming. We’re proud of that trust and work every day to deliver the best heating oil and the best service in the region.

Why do so many New York and Pennsylvania homes use heating oil? It’s a dependable, sustainable fuel that warms your home faster than any other fuel source.

Heating oil burns 300° hotter than natural gas. This intensity – paired with advances in the way heating oil is produced — means that consumers need to burn less heating oil in the winter these days than they did 30 years ago.

And since Rinker delivers a clean-burning blend of biofuel and ultra-low-sulfur heating oil, you can expect fewer deposits on your equipment. That means you can expect less maintenance and a longer life for your home’s heating system.

Dependable, friendly, professional – Rinker Oil & Propane delivers

Without a doubt, winters in Northwestern Pennsylvania and the Southern Tier of New York can be intense. When there’s snow and ice on the ground, and the thermometer shows single digits, you want to be confident in the people delivering your heating oil.

That’s where Rinker comes in. We know that thousands of families count on our drivers to keep their homes comfortable and safe. We value that trust and always repay it with respect and dedication. We promise:

Heating oil delivery options

Rinker customers overwhelmingly love to receive their heating oil by automatic delivery.

With automatic delivery, you can say goodbye to trudging out in the snow to check your oil tank’s gauge. You’ll never have to call us to schedule a delivery. Instead, we use your fuel usage history and weather conditions to calculate when you will likely need a refill. Then we schedule an oil delivery for before you run low.

This is a no-worry delivery option. Rinker handles all the planning — if a cold snap is coming, we adjust our calculations and move your delivery forward.

There is no fee for taking advantage of automatic delivery, and you aren’t required to buy more heating oil.

Rinker still offers Will-Call delivery for customers who prefer to track their own fuel levels. Just bear in mind that if you choose Will-Call, you are responsible for contacting us before you run out. We recommend that you call for delivery before your tank’s level reaches 30%.

However you choose to schedule your heating oil deliveries, Rinker Oil & Propane guarantees you the best delivery experience in the region. We have a reputation going back to our founding, in 1936. We show up when we say we will, and if there’s an unexpected delay, we’ll call to let you know.

Experience the most reliable heating oil delivery in Allegany, Cattaraugus, Erie, Steuben, Wyoming, Chautauqua, McKean and Potter Counties. Contact us today.