Kerosene Delivery

Dependable kerosene fuel throughout Southern Tier NY and Northwestern PA

Whether you have an outdoor tank that’s exposed to extreme cold or a mobile home that runs on kerosene, Rinker Oil & Propane can be your no-stress fuel supplier. We bring the same professionalism and dependability to kerosene delivery as we do to propane and heating oil.

Our high-quality kerosene is competitively priced and reliably provides stable warmth throughout your home.

The benefits of kerosene

We understand that many families and businesses in Southwestern New York and Northwestern Pennsylvania rely on kerosene to heat their homes. It has a low “gel point” compared with traditional heating oil, so it is less susceptible to freezing temperatures. With the icy winters we get in this region, mobile homes and houses without basements often rely on this fuel.

Made from crude oil distilled at high temperatures, kerosene was historically used in lamps and farm equipment before electricity displaced it.

Today, it’s a versatile home fuel that works in heating systems, stoves, space heaters and lighting. It burns even hotter than traditional home heating oil, so it requires specialized heating equipment that can withstand higher temperatures.

Interestingly, kerosene has many commercial uses, including:

Kerosene delivery in Allegany, Cattaraugus, Steuben, McKean and surrounding counties

When you rely on kerosene to get you through freezing Southern Tier winters, you want to ensure that you’re putting top-quality fuel in your storage tank. With Rinker, you can be confident that the kerosene you receive will deliver superior performance and strong efficiency.

Most of our customers choose automatic delivery for their kerosene. It is the most convenient, low-stress option for receiving fuel. You don’t have to constantly check your tank’s fuel level or call us to schedule a delivery. Rinker will calculate your tank’s levels based on past usage and current weather conditions, then deliver your kerosene before you run low.

And don’t worry — if nasty weather rolls in, we will adjust our calculations to make sure you have a full tank.

There is no additional charge for automatic delivery, and you aren’t required to buy kerosene.

If you prefer to track your own fuel levels, that’s fine too. Rinker still offers Will-Call delivery. Just bear in mind that you will be responsible for ensuring that you don’t run out of fuel.

How can Rinker Oil & Propane assist with your kerosene needs? Drop us a line, and we can discuss fueling solutions for your home in Allegany, Cattaraugus, Erie, Steuben, Wyoming, Chautauqua, McKean or Potter County.