Boiler Installation and Service

Efficient oil and propane-fired boilers and pool heaters in Northwestern PA and Southwestern NY

The winters in this region are beautiful, without a doubt. But they can also be quite an endurance test. Frequent cold snaps, snowfalls you measure in feet, and the dreaded nor’easter — you need to be sure your home’s heating oil or propane-fired boiler is up to the task.

Rinker Oil & Propane has the most dependable, skilled team of HVAC technicians in Northwestern Pennsylvania and New York’s Southern Tier. Since 1936, we have kept local residents warm, safe and comfortable. We can help you choose the best boiler for your home and install it promptly and correctly.

We install and service boilers from trusted manufacturers, including Peerless, Pennco, Navien, Viessmann and Energy Kinetics.

Find a boiler perfectly suited to your home

A boiler heats your home by moving hot water or steam into your living space with sealed pathways like radiators or baseboards. A boiler system’s heat is moister than what you get from a forced-air heating system.

This has some advantages, including:

Of course, every boiler system is unique. Our technicians will look at your home’s existing system and suggest a boiler that suits your needs and your budget. We’ll consider whether your family has grown since your current boiler was installed, and whether you’ve built additions to your home or intend to do so in the future.

Upgrading to a more efficient boiler will lower your energy bills

When was your current boiler installed? If it was more than 15 years ago, you’re currently on borrowed time. Over the years, boilers become less efficient, sometimes dropping below 60% efficiency.

For perspective, this means that for every dollar of fuel you burn in your old boiler, you’re getting 60 cents’ worth of heating.

But today’s oil and gas-fired boilers regularly reach efficiencies around 95% or higher!

As you can imagine, adding 35% greater efficiency to your home heating will significantly reduce your fuel usage. You’ll begin saving money immediately! Also, these more technically advanced boilers deliver fewer temperature swings and have special controls to lower your energy usage in milder weather.

Sometimes customers ask us to replace their furnace with a boiler (or vice versa). This is often extremely expensive, because it requires changing a home’s entire heating system.

Rinker offers boiler service to keep things humming

At Rinker, we don’t consider our job done when your boiler is installed. We’re always available — 24 hours a day, 7 days a week — to handle repairs and maintenance, all carried out by our certified, skilled technicians.

Annual maintenance will keep your boiler working at peak efficiency for years. To ensure that your system receives complimentary tune-ups and discounts on repairs, take advantage of Rinker’s affordable service plans.

Perfect summer swimming with Rinker’s pool heaters

No one wants their teeth chattering in the pool. If you aren’t heating the water, you aren’t getting the most out of your pool.

Rinker sells and installs dependable, safe propane pool heaters that will keep your water at the perfect temperature all season. Install one soon, and you can start enjoying relaxing swims in the evening and later in the season.

Rinker Oil & Propane promises fair pricing, expert installation and diligent service in Allegany, Steuben, Cattaraugus, McKean and surrounding counties. Set up an appointment today.