Ductless Mini-Split Systems and Heat Pump Installation

Ductless heating and cooling for your Southwestern NY or Northwestern PA home

Are you sick and tired of dealing with window A/C units and inefficient space heaters? You don’t need ductwork to get effective, long-lasting heating and cooling.

Mini-split ductless air conditioning systems allow you to create multiple comfort zones throughout your home without ducts or vents. Rinker Oil & Propane installs and services mini-splits from manufacturers like Mitsubishi and LG. We can help you ensure maximum comfort throughout the summer with the minimum number of units.

And as a bonus, mini-splits and heat pumps provide supplemental heating during the cold season.

These units are extremely popular right now because they are

Rinker Oil & Propane can also install a ductless system in your mobile home!

Flexible ductless mini-split installation

Contact Rinker to look over your living space and determine the best placement for compact ductless mini-split units. Then we can install the units, all connected to one outdoor condenser. We run only a small pipe through your exterior wall between the indoor and outdoor units.

Mini-split systems are quiet and efficient. They provide better zone cooling than window A/Cs. Even if your home has central air conditioning, mini-splits offer excellent additional cooling for

How heat pumps work

mini-splits and heat pumps

Heat pumps have two parts. There’s the air handler, which sits inside your home, and the condenser, which is outside. A thin pipe connects the handler and the condenser through your wall. Heat pumps use heat exchanger coils to move warm air.

In hot weather, the heat pump captures heat inside your home, then refrigerant cools it and brings the cold air back into your living space.

In the winter, this process moves in reverse. The heat pump’s condenser draws warm air from outside, compresses and further heats it, then brings it inside.

A single condenser can operate up to four air handlers. That’s a lot of cooling for relatively little equipment!

Rinker Oil & Propane offers comprehensive mini-split service

Once you have a mini-split or a heat pump installed in your home, it’s crucial to have it serviced annually to ensure that it’s still working at maximum efficiency. Happily, Rinker offers top-notch mini-split and heat pump service to the Southern Tier of New York and Northwestern Pennsylvania.

As a Rinker customer, you can reach our team of technicians 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Are you ready to check out what heat pumps and mini-splits can do for your Allegany, Steuben, Cattaraugus or McKean County home? Contact Rinker Oil & Propane today.