Space Heater Options

Direct-vent wall heaters and fireplace inserts warm any room of your NY or PA home

Some rooms are harder to keep warm than others. When even the heat from your boiler or furnace can’t quite reach a space, Rinker Oil & Propane has solutions.

We sell and install top-quality direct-vent wall heaters and fireplace inserts from Modine, Rinnai and Empire.

Forget the ineffective electric space heater and the extra-thick socks. Get in touch with Rinker, and we can find the perfect heater for that room that just can’t seem to stay warm.

What is a direct-vent wall heater?

Direct-vent heaters are high-efficiency single heating units that run on natural gas, propane or heating oil. They are easily installed, affordable and efficient. These units can function without electricity and reach fuel efficiency levels of up to 84%.

They’re clean-burning, reliable and powerful, and they come in a range of sizes. You can set up a heater to warm one stubbornly chilly room or arrange a whole-home system.

A direct-vent heater is a fantastic solution for individual rooms in houses and workspaces, as well as structures without electricity, like camp buildings.

So if you have a difficult part of your home or business that needs an effective, safe heating option, get in touch with Rinker Oil & Propane. Our team can assess your issue and find the right space heating option.

Fireplace inserts bring the room and the family together

Do you have a fireplace that’s collecting dust? Wouldn’t you love to have a warm, roaring fire in there when the snow is falling outside?

We offer a range of attractive, convenient gas-fired fireplace inserts that make your living room extra cozy. You can enjoy all the ambience and warmth of a fireplace without the hassle of bringing in logs, lighting the fire and cleaning up afterward.

All you need to do is push a button or flip a switch, and you’re good to go.

All finished? One more flick of your finger, and the flames are gone. No sifting through embers to make sure it’s safe to go to bed.

Propane fireplace inserts have advantages over wood fires beyond convenience:

On top of all that, gas-powered fireplace inserts are easy to install, and the team at Rinker is experienced with these installations. In no time, you’ll be enjoying a toasty, relaxing fire!

Tired of getting the chills in parts of your own home? Rinker Oil & Propane can help. Drop us a line, and we will get to work finding space-heating solutions for your Southwestern New York or Northwestern Pennsylvania home.