Propane Delivery to Southern Tier NY and Northwestern PA

Trust Rinker for friendly, reliable propane delivery!

From New York’s Southern Tier to Northern Pennsylvania, countless homes turn to clean-burning, efficient propane to heat their homes and water and power their appliances. And Rinker Oil & Propane is the most trusted partner for delivering propane.

If you are looking for a propane provider who takes your family’s comfort and safety to heart, contact Rinker Oil & Propane today.

Propane does the job, cleanly and effectively

It’s no surprise that more homes are switching to propane. There are countless ways that it’s a superior, versatile home fuel:

Today, many of your friends, family and neighbors trust Rinker Oil & Propane to deliver propane and all the benefits that come with it. We’re always here to make sure you have the fuel you need. You can count on Rinker!

Propane delivery options

We’re a local, community-focused business — we know that every New York and Pennsylvania family we service has specific needs.

That’s why we provide options for how you receive propane deliveries. Far and away, Rinker customers prefer our automatic delivery option.

propane delivery

If you’re enrolled in the automatic delivery plan, you don’t have to worry about checking your tank gauge and contacting us to schedule a delivery. Rinker handles it for you! We calculate your propane levels based on your historic fuel usage and current weather conditions. We use that information to schedule a propane delivery to your home when we estimate you’ll need it.

And don’t worry — if significant snowfall or a cold snap occurs, we build it into our estimate and deliver sooner. If the winter is mild, we’ll allow more time between deliveries.

There is no additional charge to take advantage of automatic delivery, and you don’t need to buy more fuel.

Automatic delivery is popular with our customers because it’s easy and stress-free. Pair it with automatic online payment, and your propane deliveries will be a breeze!

If you like to monitor your fuel levels yourself, Rinker still offers Will-Call delivery. With Will-Call, you are responsible for checking your home’s propane tank gauge and contacting us when you need more fuel. We recommend that you not let your level fall below 30%.

Whether you go with automatic delivery or Will-Call, we guarantee you the most reliable, friendly propane delivery experience possible. Our drivers arrive on time, and if weather or other issues delay them, we’ll let you know.

For safe, dependable propane delivery you can count on in McKean, Allegany, Cattaraugus, Steuben and surrounding counties, become a Rinker customer today!