Propane Pricing Programs and Payments

Guaranteed fair pricing on propane gas in Southwestern NY and Northwestern PA

Everyone likes to get the best price for their fuel, and with Rinker Oil & Propane, you don’t need to worry. We are open, transparent and always working to deliver the highest quality fuel at a fair price.

We want you to feel as confident about the price you pay as you do about the courteous, diligent propane delivery you receive.

Here are some of the pricing and payment programs we offer to our Southwestern New York and Northwestern Pennsylvania customers.

SmartPay Monthly Budget Plan

Tired of the heating fuel roller coaster with its hefty bulk payments in the winter? You can stabilize your propane expenses by enrolling in SmartPay. With this budget plan, your fuel costs will stop rising and falling throughout the year. Instead, you’ll spread those costs out over 12 even, easy, predictable monthly payments, and your winter payments will be cut in half!

If you end up spending more or less on fuel than we anticipated, we’ll adjust what you pay. You’ll only pay for the propane you actually receive at the price on the day of delivery — not a cent more.

Want even more value in your budget? Pair this plan with a Rinker service plan and enjoy the benefits of SmartPay Plus. You will receive:

And we’ll build payment for your service plan into your monthly SmartPay installment.

Our SmartPay plans generally begin in June and August, but we can be flexible. There’s no fee to take part. Contact us if you’re interested in enrolling.

Pre-Buy Program

Would you like to buy your entire season’s propane at a fixed price? Rinker’s Pre-Buy allows you to avoid price fluctuations by securing your fuel during the spring or summer, when prices are lowest.

We can determine the amount of fuel you need based on past usage and deliver it as needed throughout the heating season.

It’s free to enroll in Pre-Buy. Reach out to us to take part.

pricing and payments

Price Cap Program

Rinker Oil & Propane’s Price Cap Program offers protection against market volatility and peace of mind against rising prices. When you enroll, we set a cap for the maximum amount that you will pay per gallon for your propane.

If propane prices fall, you aren’t locked into the higher price. You pay the lower rate!

There is a fee associated with the Price Cap Program. Contact us if you’re interested or wish to discuss further.

Online billing and payments

If you’re tired of wasting paper and paying for postage, Rinker has a solution. We offer our customers online billing and payment options, including:

Paperless billing — Receive your statements, invoices and delivery tickets through email. You will have a full billing record without the paper clutter!

Online bill pay — Forget the stamp and stop relying on the postal service. You can pay through the Rinker website. We accept all major credit cards.

Contact us to learn more about our flexible, convenient pricing and payment options.