Propane vs. Electric — Which Keeps You More Comfortable?

For New York and Pennsylvania families, propane is more reliable and effective

Homeowners nationwide are deciding what the most effective and eco-friendly energy option is for their homes. When it comes to heating, hot water and major appliances, both propane and grid-produced electricity can provide power. However, propane is superior to electricity on a range of factors!

Heating costs for electric vs. propane

Because propane generates far more Btu’s per dollar than electricity, it can heat your home much more effectively. While electric heat pumps can provide good supplemental heating for small spaces or during milder months, they cannot keep up with the frigid nights we get in Northwestern Pennsylvania or the Southern Tier of New York. A propane-fired furnace or boiler will offer stronger, more consistent heat.

When comparing propane with electric heat, there’s no contest. Propane keeps you warmer for less money.

Electric vs. propane home appliances

Propane offers high efficiency for other home comfort equipment. Do you like your showers long and steamy? Propane-fired water heaters can heat more water for 30% less money than their electric counterparts. Propane tankless water heaters are even more efficient, plus they supply endless hot water on demand.

Propane clothes dryers will dry your laundry 25% faster than electric dryers. Not only that — they also create less static cling and fewer wrinkles!

Are you a dedicated home chef? Then you’ll want to use a propane-fired cooking range, which offers more precise and immediate temperature control than electric stoves. That precision makes it easier to enjoy outstanding results from your cooking.

Propane and electricity — which is greener?

There is a misconception that electricity is cleaner than propane, because it releases no greenhouse gases from a home. That’s not the whole truth.

Sixty-one percent of electricity comes from burning fossil fuels like coal. These generate vast amounts of greenhouse-gas emissions — roughly a quarter of the United States’ total emissions. Conversely, propane is so clean-burning that it produces almost zero greenhouse-gas emissions. It also contains no methane and virtually no particulate matter.

Propane power is more reliable than electricity

One of the best things about using propane for your heat and major appliances is controlling your own energy supply with an on-site fuel tank.

Electric heat, hot water and appliances depend on the electric grid, which is overburdened and prone to blackouts. With a propane-powered home, even if the power goes out, you will continue to have heat, hot water, cooking and laundry capabilities.

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