Can Propane Freeze?

Rinker Oil and Propane gives you peace of mind about your propane supply!

propane freeze point

It’s been a wild winter here in the Southern Tier region, what with snow, ice, and the lake effect creating some dangerous conditions.

This weather may have you wondering about your home’s propane supply, and if there is the possibility of freezing.

The freezing point for propane is -44˚ Fahrenheit. The record low for our service area is -42˚F. Those extreme temperatures haven’t happened in almost 120 years, making it highly unlikely that the propane inside your propane tank will freeze.  However, very cold weather has the potential to cause other problems with your home’s propane supply.
During chilly temperatures, just like other liquids, propane contracts. This can cause a decrease of the volume of propane in an aboveground tank. As the volume of propane decreases, so does the pressure inside your tank. If the pressure in your tank drops too far, the propane won’t be able to make it through the pipes and reach the burners of your propane appliances. Your heating system, water heater, and other propane appliances won’t work. 

Winter propane supply tips

To ensure your propane supply remains secure during the winter months, follow these three simple steps!

Keep your propane tank at least 30% full. When your propane tank exceeds 30% capacity, there will be positive pressure inside it so that your propane can reach your home’s propane appliances. That is why Automatic Delivery from Rinker Oil and Propane is essential: You have assurance that you will receive a propane delivery before the fuel supply in your tank becomes too low.
Turn down the thermostat. No need to make your home chilly but reducing the thermostat by a few degrees can stop your heating system from cycling on too often. Doing this protects the pressure inside your propane tank and helps to prevent it from getting too low. A smart or programmable thermostat makes this task easier. 

Don’t let snow stay on your propane tank. Clear all snow off your propane tank to keep the pressure up. When there is a lot of snow on a tank, the sunlight cannot penetrate through it to heat up the gas within. Without adequate warmth, pressure levels may drop. Make sure to use a broom to do this and not a shovel, which can damage the tank and its components. It’s essential to ensure proper ventilation in your home, so don’t forget to clear out any snow or ice build-up on vents and flues.

Provide access your propane tank. Unless our propane delivery drivers are able to reach your tank safely, they will be unable to provide you with the propane that you need. Please make a clear, safe path at least 10 feet wide on your driveway. To ensure an easy access to your propane tank, make sure there is a one-foot-wide path from your driveway to the tank and mark the tank’s location with a flag or fabric attached to a tall pole. This will enable us to spot the tank without difficulty after heavy snowstorms.

Want absolute security that you’ll always have propane? Contact Rinker Oil and Propane today to enroll in Automatic Delivery!