How Does A Boiler Work?

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boiler company new york Home heating systems can generally be classified as either forced air or hydronic.

A furnace is a forced-air heating system. A boiler is hydronic.

Rinker Oil and Propane provides expert boiler installation, maintenance, and repairs for both oil-fired and gas-fired boilers. Our affordable service plans give you peace of mind because each include an annual maintenance tune-up that helps your boiler run at its peak energy efficiency, saving you money on heating costs, and also covers many costs for parts and labor for boiler repairs.

If you have a boiler in your Southern Tier home, we’ve put together some important information about boilers and how they work.

How A Boiler Heats Your Home

Some people may think that boilers and water heaters are the same. While there are some water heaters that use a home’s heating system to heat water, the two types of equipment are quite different.

A boiler is a system that uses water to generate heat and circulates it around your home. It is a closed-loop system, so it does not need fresh water brought into it and the water inside a boiler does not need to be potable.

The components of a boiler include:

There is more to a boiler heating system than the boiler. There are the baseboards, the pipe system, the radiators, and the circulator pump. The boiler heats the water, and then releases the hot water or steam, depending on which type of system it is, through pipes connecting to radiators located in various rooms of your home. The hot water or steam passes through the radiator tubes’ thick metal walls to rapidly distribute heat evenly throughout the room. The water or steam that has been condensed back into water since cooling is directed through the boiler’s piping system back to the boiler to restart the whole process.

Common boiler problems

Regular professional maintenance by Rinker Oil and Propane allows our service technicians to detect problems with your boiler and fix them before they get worse. However, things can still go wrong during heating season. If you see any of these problems, contact us for a service call.

It’s going to be a cold winter here in the Southern Tier, so now is the time to make sure your home’s boiler is up for the challenge by getting it an annual maintenance tune-up. Contact Rinker Oil and Propane today to make your appointment and enroll in a heating system service plan!