How Often Do I Need a Heating Oil Delivery?

Make sure you always have heating oil with Automatic Delivery from Rinker Oil and Propane!

heating oil Allegany, ny If you’re new to using heating oil to heat your home, you may be wondering about the amount of times you will need a heating oil delivery during the winter.

This is different for each home, depending on multiple factors including its size, how well it is insulated, the quality and efficiency of your furnace or boiler, and how warm you keep your home.

How to make sure you don’t run out of heating oil

Rinker Oil and Propane makes it easy to always have heating oil in your home with our Automatic Delivery! Our cutting-edge software uses your heating oil usage history and the current and future weather forecasts to accurately predict when you’ll need a delivery, and we schedule it, so you have a full tank before you run low.

If you use Will-Call for your heating oil delivery, it is your responsibility to check the tank gauge regularly and contact us to request a delivery before your tank falls below 25% full. If you run low, or worse, run out of heating oil, you face the additional hassle and expense of an emergency delivery along with a cold house until we get there.

It’s also a good idea to fill your heating oil tank in the spring or summer. This allows you to take advantage of when heating oil prices are traditionally lower. A full tank also prevents the development of condensation inside the tank which can lead to corrosion and tank failure.

How to make the most of your heating oil supply

There are multiple ways you can conserve your home’s heating oil, so you save money this winter. Here are some of them.

Maintenance: Regular and professional maintenance is essential for both your home’s furnace or boiler and heating oil tank. Take the opportunity to schedule your home’s heating system service now, before the rush that typically follows the first cold snap. A well-maintained heating system operates at its peak efficiency so you use as little heating oil as possible while keeping your home warm.

Our service plans not only provide an annual tune-up, but also offer coverage for many parts and labor costs associated with repairs.

Regularly check your heating tank for any signs of degradation. A corroded or leaky oil tank can accelerate the degradation of your oil and allow external impurities to contaminate it.

Insulation: Ensuring proper insulation in your house can significantly aid in conserving heating oil. Effective insulation traps heat inside, preventing its dissipation through the roof, windows, and walls. Consider investing in an energy audit to properly insulate your home. Additionally, seal any gaps around windows and floorboards to reduce drafts. By implementing these measures, you can optimize heat retention and enhance energy efficiency.

A new thermostat: Programmable thermostats offer the convenience of setting multiple programs tailored to different schedules, including weekdays, weekends, and even vacations. With this flexibility, you can effortlessly optimize your energy usage while maintaining a comfortable environment.

Consider installing a smart thermostat for your home to enjoy numerous benefits. With a smart thermostat, you’ll have complete control over your home’s climate, even when you’re away. As long as you have an internet signal or WiFi connection, you can conveniently access and adjust the thermostat settings using your smartphone. Say goodbye to the worries of forgetting to set the thermostat before leaving the house!

In addition to their intelligent temperature control capabilities, certain smart thermostats also monitor your home’s HVAC system. They provide timely alerts for air filter replacement, maintenance requirements, service calls in case of issues, and even offer insights on energy consumption. This empowers you to make necessary adjustments to optimize your system’s efficiency.

With Automatic Delivery from Rinker Oil and Propane, you’ll have peace of mind about your home’s heating oil supply. Become a customer today!