Properly Storing Your Grill Tank in The Winter

Put safety first when it comes to your propane grill tank

propane grill tank Steuben county, ny Even after summer ends, owning a propane grill means you can continue enjoying the joy of grilling!

Propane grills are known for their speed and ease of use. Even if you’re storing your grill for the winter, it’s a smart idea to have a full tank on hand. This way, you’ll be ready to fire up your grill whenever you feel like it in the coming spring.

Grill tank storage tips

We have compiled a comprehensive set of guidelines to help you store your propane grill tank properly during the winter season. These guidelines are essential to ensure the longevity and safety of your tank.

Turn the tank off: If you plan on keeping your grill outdoors during winter, it is safe to leave the grill tank connected. However, remember to ensure the supply valve is turned off.

Check for leaks: Before storing your tank, it is vital to perform a thorough inspection to verify that there are no leaks. Give careful attention to the valves, tank, and connector hose. This inspection should be done outdoors, in an area that is well-lit and well-ventilated. Furthermore, make sure to maintain a safe distance from any open flames or potential ignition sources.

Keep the tank outdoors: When winter comes and you store your grill indoors, such as in a garage or shed, it’s important to remember that the tank should always be kept outdoors. Storing grill tanks inside or in enclosed areas, like sunporches or carports, is unsafe and not recommended.

Protect the tank from the elements: To prevent snow and ice from accumulating on your propane tank, it is recommended to use a plastic tarp as a protective cover. While cold temperatures do not harm the tank or the propane inside, moisture buildup can cause rust formation, which can damage the tank. By taking this simple precautionary measure, you can effectively safeguard your propane tank from potential damage. Additionally, make sure to keep the tank upright on a level surface to prevent any leaks. Avoid placing the tank directly on the ground, as this can also contribute to rust formation on the bottom. Instead, consider placing it on a paved or gravel surface, on a deck or patio, or on a raised wood pallet.

Propane grilling tips for winter

During the winter season, it is imperative to possess a comprehensive knowledge of the appropriate and secure techniques for utilizing your propane grill.

For the best placement of your grill, it’s recommended to position it near your house. This allows for easy access and smooth transportation of food between the grill and your kitchen. By keeping the grill nearby, you reduce the risk of accidents from slipping on a snowy or icy surface. However, keep it a safe distance from the siding to prevent fires or heat damage. Using the grill indoors or in enclosed spaces such as garages or carports is extremely dangerous and can significantly increase the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. It is absolutely crucial to never attempt this.

When grilling, it is crucial to exercise caution and avoid any contact between the flame and your clothing, including coats, gloves, or scarves.

Propane is an outstanding energy source for grilling and so many other things in your Southern Tier home! Become a Rinker Oil and Propane customer today.