Protect your home and comfort with a Rinker Oil and Propane service plan!

hvac equipment service Cattaraugus, ny While we may be glad that winter is long gone and we can look ahead to enjoying warmer weather, there’s something we need to do first.

Enrolling in a Rinker Oil and Propane service plan now is a good idea to ensure that your home’s heating, cooling, and comfort equipment receive proper maintenance so your home stays comfortable year-round!

What is a service plan?

A service plan is a one-year contract that covers your home’s heating, cooling, and comfort equipment service needs, including an annual maintenance tune-up. Service plans often include coverage of or discounts on many parts and labor costs related to repairs. Other perks that may be included in service plans include priority emergency service and warranties for parts.

Here’s what you get with a Rinker Oil and Propane service plan.

What are the benefits of a service plan?

Enrolling in our service plans at Rinker Oil and Propane not only offers numerous advantages, but it also includes additional benefits.

Preventative care – That is ultimately what an annual maintenance tune-up is. Our service process involves a detailed check, cleaning, and adjustment of your equipment’s parts to ensure it’s ready for use. We then conduct a comprehensive top-to-bottom inspection to identify any issues and prevent further damage. Our experienced technicians carry out these tasks.

Improved efficiency – Wouldn’t you be interested in finding a way to lower your energy costs? You get that with a tune-up included in our service plan! A tune-up for your heating system can save you 10% on heating energy costs each year. This can amount to a significant sum of money when you review your heating expenses from the previous winter.

Protection against breakdowns – If your heating system breaks down in winter, you’re going to be cold, and your home is at risk of freezing and burst pipes. An air conditioning breakdown in the summer means an uncomfortably warm home. Water heater breakdowns leave you with cold showers at best and water damage from a failed tank or line at worst. By signing up for our service plans, you can significantly lessen the chances of a breakdown because we provide a thorough tune-up. Additionally, you will be safeguarded from expensive repair expenses through our comprehensive parts and labor coverage.

Keeping your warranty valid – It is a requirement in the warranty of many heating system manufacturers to have professional maintenance every year. Our service plans can serve as evidence that you have fulfilled this obligation in case your furnace or boiler requires work covered by the warranty.

Give yourself peace of mind with Rinker Oil and Propane service plans! Contact us today to enroll.