Winter Home Fuel Delivery Checklist

Make sure Rinker Oil & Propane can make your delivery!

winter propane delivery new york Shoveling your driveway and walkways after a winter storm or lake effect snowfall might not be something you look forward to, but it is nevertheless an essential task.

Here at Rinker Oil and Propane, we’re committed to providing you with the highest level of service for your propane and heating oil needs. For this reason, it’s essential that our delivery truck drivers can easily get down your driveway as well as access your propane tank or oil tank in order to make a heating oil delivery or propane delivery.

For the reliable and secure delivery of fuel, we urge customers to clear their driveways so that they are at least 10 feet wide. This will make sure our delivery truck drivers can effectively navigate your driveway without any issues.

Our heavy trucks can have difficulty navigating sloped driveways, but you can make their job much easier by sanding or salting it before they arrive. This simple technique ensures that your driveway stays accessible and safe for all vehicle types while avoiding any potential hazards.

To guarantee dependable access to your home’s heating oil or propane tank, it is vital that you keep a paved pathway of at least one foot wide open between the driveway and your fuel tank or fill line location. If you hire a professional for snow removal services, make sure to inform them of the precise location of the path to your fuel tank or fill line so that they don’t create an obstruction to it.

To ensure that your delivery driver can easily find the location of your fuel tank, place a tall pole topped with a bright-colored ribbon or flag near the heating oil or propane tank and/or fill line.

If you’re planning a winter getaway, make sure that before leaving town you set up snow and ice removal services for potential fuel deliveries. Also, if your driveway or access to your fuel tank is gated, please arrange for someone to be on-hand to unlock them ahead of our delivery. By taking these precautions beforehand, your vacation will remain worry-free!

Protect your fuel tank

After each snowstorm, always use a broom to brush away the blanket of snow covering your outdoor heating oil tank or aboveground propane tank. Under no circumstances should you attempt to shovel it off as this could cause severe damage to both the tank and its parts.

The weight of heavy snowfall can put a tremendous amount of strain on your tank, possibly leading to cracks or even misalignments and potentially perilous leaks.

If you use propane, it is crucial that your tank remain clear. This is because in lower temperatures, the propane begins to shrink and as a result, there may be insufficient pressure within your tank for it to reach the gas burners in your house. By removing any snow or ice on top of the tank, you enable sunlight to heat up the propane inside, thus ensuring it stays at an adequate pressure. Indeed, if your propane tank accumulates too much snow and is unable to be warmed by sunlight properly, this can reduce the flow necessary for keeping your home warm.

Stay in touch with Rinker Oil and Propane

If you’re an Automatic Delivery customer and planning on taking a vacation for more than a week or so, make sure to let us know. By providing us with information that you are away, our calculations on when to deliver fuel to your home will be more accurate as these calculations are partly based in part on your fuel usage history. This knowledge also prevents unneeded deliveries.

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