How Often Do I Need a Propane Delivery?

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propane delivery Cattaraugus county, ny Here in the Southern Tier, many of your neighbors know that propane is the best energy source for keeping their homes warm, safe, and comfortable.

At Rinker Oil and Propane, we are often asked by customers who are new to using propane in their homes, “How often do I need to refill my propane tank?”

Factors in determining propane delivery frequency

The frequency of propane delivery to your home depends on several factors and there is no specific answer that applies to everyone. These factors include:

The age and condition of your home’s furnace or boiler plays a significant role in how often you will need to refill the propane tank if you use it for home heating.

Heating systems that are old may have efficiencies that go as low as 60%, especially when they have not been given annual tune-ups by professional service technicians. However, new propane heating systems that are highly efficient can have efficiencies of up to 98%. Investing in a new propane heating system can yield an outstanding return on investment from the moment it is turned on.

The size of your home’s propane tank also affects how often you need propane deliveries. If you’ve added more propane appliances, you will need deliveries more often. Rinker Oil and Propane has different propane tank sizes to choose from, and affordable, worry-free leasing is available. With leasing, you don’t have to pay for upfront costs or maintenance and repair; we take care of everything.

Enroll in our Automatic Delivery to make sure your propane tank is refilled when needed. We use the latest software along with your propane usage to accurately determine when you’ll need your propane tank refilled. We take care of scheduling the delivery, so you don’t have to worry about a thing!

How much propane do my appliances use?

The amount of propane you use daily is influenced by various factors, including the number of propane appliances in your home, the efficiency and size of each appliance, its compatibility with your living space, and its installation and maintenance.

Here are average usage rates for common propane appliances.

Furnace: 100,000 to 200,000 BTU (about 1 to 2 gallon per hour)
Fireplace with ceramic gas log: 26,000 BTU/hour (1 gallon / 3 hours)
Gas cooktop/range: 65,000 BTU/hour (5 to 10 gallons / month)
Tankless water heater: 40,000 BTU/hour (about1.5 gallons / day)
Gas clothes dryer: 35,000 BTU/hour (less than 1 gallon/ day)
Pool heater: 425,000 BTU (about 4 gallons) /hour

With our reliable Automatic Delivery, you have peace of mind about your home’s propane supply. Become a customer today!